Due June 10th, 2024

Q is looking for written pieces on Love to publish in our next online collection.
Luv Letters should remind us of our collective humanity, of our desperate and feral desires; of hunger, of heartbreak, of regret and disgust, of anguish and promises, of sweetness and tenderness, of moist skin, broken bones, and fresh white roses.. Luv letters do not have to be addressed to anyone or they can be specifically for a special someone to see. These writing pieces can allude to the love of your culture, city, identity, language, an experience, partner, mistress, ex, child, even your own reflection. The boundaries are blurred as long as the work is addressing some form of love and/or the act of loving. We encourage South FL/ Miami-Dade writers to submit. Though, submissions are open to people from all walks of life, wherever you find yourself.

Please submit the following  to by Monday, June 10th, 12:00 pm est. 

Submission guidelines: 

-poem or short written piece (1500 words or less) 

-Full name (please let us know if you would like your work to be published anonymously or by pen name) 

-Where you were born, year of birth, and current city/country. 

-short bio for the editor to learn a bit about you (optional)
-your pronouns

*Disclaimer: If chosen to be published, Q is currently only accepting volunteer submissions and cannot offer compensation at the time being. Though, we are actively seeking grants and overall applying pressure to receive funding in the near future so that we can pay our contributors fairly. We will keep in mind who has submitted and shown us love in our early
stages as soon as that day comes. Thank you <3