Q Magazine is looking for poetry, interviews, critique pieces, activism pieces, archival artist documents, your favorite theory pdfs, interviews, research, local (Miami-Dade) and international artist run project and exhibition reviews & announcements.

Q Magazine's purpose is to publish an ever-expanding collection of original works from up-and-coming writers who seek to share sincere tales of vulnerability through different mediums, as well as bring attention to urgent social justice movements and issues internationally. We appreciate and value artists and writers who use their practices as tools to untangle the ways our overarching systems and environments are regulated, posing greater questions to evoke more profound and curious forms of thinking through art and writing among greater society. Send us what everyone else keeps saying no to,
we really want to say yes.



We're currently seeking contemporary artists and photographers for Queue Gallery. Please submit your portfolio link or a maximum of 5 images for consideration. Please note that due to resource constraints, we may not be able to respond to all submissions. Please visit @Queue_Gallery on Instagram to familiarize yourself with the kind of visual aesthetic we are drawn to.